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Haida Gwaii Semesters 

Sk'aadGa Gud ad is - Learning Balance


Creating a new generation of natural resource leaders.


Developed for senior undergraduates interested in natural resources and the environment, Haida Gwaii Semesters provide students with an immersion opportunity to study in a remote,
resource-dependent community where the pressing social, cultural, ecological, political and economic issues facing natural resource managers around the globe converge at a local scale.

Students live on Haida Gwaii, attend lectures at the world-class Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay (“Sea Lion Town”) in Skidegate, tour the forests and landscapes of the islands, meet with local experts and knowledge-holders, and become part of the Haida Gwaii Community.



We're now accepting applications for the

2015 Fall Semester and 2016 Winter Semester,

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Thank you to Dafne Romero, Joseph Crawford and Andrew Wright (Parks Canada), Jags, Dr. Hilary Thorpe, and Erica Rae Reid for photos and video footage

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Haida Gwaii Semester Winter 2014 Haida Gwaii Semester Fall 2013 Haida Gwaii Semester Fall 2012 Views of Haida Gwaii

“The Haida Gwaii semester allowed me to approach the study of natural resources in a holistic way that was unique to my undergraduate university degree. Learning about history, politics, economics and cultural implications surrounding resource extraction on Haida Gwaii gave context to the complexities surrounding fishing and forestry in Northern communities."

- Julianne Kucheran, 2010 HGS student