Haida Gwaii Semesters in Natural Resource Studies

Sk'aadGa Gud ad is ~ Learning Balance

The Haida Gwaii Semester program is being offered in partnership with the University of British Columbia. Fifteen course credits will be awarded by UBC.

If you are interested in natural resources, community development, and experiential learning, this is the program for you! 

**Please note, registration for the Innovation Leadership Program is not completed through this page. Click here for registration information.


Please review our Application Process and Tuition and Fees pages before proceeding with registration.

If you are not a UBC student, you can still apply!  You will need to apply for a Letter of Permission (LOP) from your home university to study at UBC for the semester. Letters of Permission allow non-UBC students to apply credits earned in the Haida Gwaii Semester to their degrees at their home institutions. 

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Program: Fall and Winter Semester

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“I foresee many exciting opportunities here on Haida Gwaii and hope that with continued studies I will be involved in the future of forestry on Haida Gwaii.”

~ Lynn Hughan, 2010 Haida Gwaii Semester Student (Local Haida Gwaii student)